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Sunday, 21 November 2010

كيفية دخول غرفة الحوار الإسلامي المسيحي

شرح كيفية دخول غرفة الحوار الإسلامي المسيحي غرفة الاخ وسام عبد الله

oJJl Muslim Christian Dialogue oJJl
oJJl Muslim Christian Dialogue oJJl 3
وغرفة النصارى يسألوننا عن الإسلام العظيم
Christians AreAsking Us About Islam

اولا تحتاج الى برنامج البالتوك وتحتاج ان يكون لك حساب عليه

اولا تحميل برنامج البالتوك

سيتم تحميله من موقع البرنامج نفسة اخر اصدار

وهذا الموقع الرسمى للبرنامج تفضل اضغط على الرابط التالى

First you should Download paltalk program from it's website.

ثم ستضغط على كلمة Download PaltalkScene

Then press Download PaltalkScene

فى صفحة التحميل ستضغط على Download Now

وبالنسبة لتنصيب البرنامج سهل جدا


install paltalk program and the INSTALLATION so easy just click Next ..Next.

بعد تنصيبه ستجد في لوحته الأولى كلمة بهذا الشكل

new user? get a new nick name

اضغط عليها واملأ البيانات حتى تنتهي 

وهنا نكون قد انتهينا بحمد الله من التسجيل

واصبح لدينا اسم مستخدم خاص بنا في البالتوك

After INSTALLATION The program you will find screen like that in next picture

Press new user? get a new nick name to create new user name by filling all information .

ادخل بالحساب الجديد الذى أنشئتة على البرنامج

(أسم مستخدم ورقم سرى)

وسيتم توجيهك  للصفحة الأساسية فى برنامج البالتوك

login with your new username and password and you will see that screen.

أضغط على

All Rooms

press All rooms

Middle East > Islam

Double click in that room you want to join .

Watch that Videos

طريقة الدخول لغرف إسلامية ترد على النصارى

in arabic Language

Strong islamic Chatrooms To answer Christians

in English language

حوار الشيخ الصارم مع جيفارا

حوار الشيخ الصارم مع جيفارا

شرح طريقة الدخول على أقوى الغرف الإسلامية ترد على النصارى

شرح فيديو

شرح كتابى :-

موقع غرفة

Christians AreAsking Us About Islam

غرفة الشيخ عبد الله الصارم والأخ حليمو ومجموعة من الأخوة والأخوات الأفاضل

من مدوناتى
Friday, 5 November 2010

More than 50 links To Great Comparative Religion Websites.

Links to great Islamic resources (Comparative Religions)
Muslim sites on Christianity

1-Brother Osama Abdallah's web site.

2-Brother Sami Zaatari's web site.

3-Brother Adeel Khan's site.

4-Many downloadable AUDIO lectures by Dr. Zakir Naik.  For FREE!

5- Dr. Zakir Naik and Sri Sri Ravishankar on the concept GOD Almighty in Hinduism and Islam.

6-Sheikh Ahmed Deedat's Official Web Site.

7-Dr. Yusuf Estes' site.  He is an American convert to Islam.

8-   This is brother Mohammad Elfie Nieshaem Juferi's (MENJ) web site.  It has excellent material refuting many of the lies against Islam, and it is constantly growing.

9-Why Christians Convert to Islam?  A very good web site by brother Frank, who is a new convert to Islam.  The site contains several comparative-religions articles writing by brother Frank.  An audio web site by brother Eslam, a new convert to Islam, on politics and Islamic issues.  The brother has his own talk show.  Listen to audio this clip regarding 9/11: The biggest lie in History!

11-   A very good web site by Dr. Adel Elsaie.  He has written a very thorough book that deals with (1) Existence of GOD Almighty; (2) Comparative Religions regarding Judaism, Christianity and Islam; (3) Scientific Miracles in the Noble Quran.

The book is called "History of Truth - the Truth about GOD and Religions."  He has some thorough articles regarding different topics and sections on Islam and a host of links for further research.  I especially like the following articles:

-Muslims and 5 US presidents do not believe in trinity.  Thomas Jefferson even read the Noble Quran and taught himself some Arabic!

-The ecumenical councils of Church, and how Jesus was made part of the trinity.   Read what happened in the first 7 council.  Many Christians do not know about the important facts in this article.

12-  A very classical web site in design by Dr. Hamid with AUDIO lectures about

Islam and comparative religions.

13- The Peace Propagation Center.  Run by brother Mir Imran Ali.

14-The True Call. 

 A very good web site by a group of brothers that covers a variety of topics regarding Islam and other comparative religions subjects.


16-Resurrection Accounts of Jesus(pbuh) in Bible?

17-Muhammad In The Bible.  By Dr. Jamal Badawi.

A very good web site done by brother Saifullah and his team.  I especially like their sections on:

-The different canons (new testaments) of the Bible.

-Responses to so-called Errors in the Noble Quran.

-The history of the Noble Quran's Preservation, with captured images of early Quran's manuscripts.

19-25 Fascinating facts about the Dead Sea Scrolls.  This is a non-Muslim site.

20-The Guided Islamic E-Library for Comparative Religion

(Great sites done by brother Faisal Al Muhtadi regarding Christianity and Islam.  He is a new convert to Islam.)


21-  A thought-provoking book of non-conformist comparative religion, the First and Final Commandment analyses the Islamic claim of continuity of revelation from Judaism to Christianity and, in the end, to Islam.  The fragility of traditional Judeo-Christian teachings is confronted, and refreshing insights offered.

22-Understanding Islam. 

A great web site that covers vast areas in Islam and Christianity and responds to many of the false charges against the Noble Quran.

23-Talking to Christians about Islam  A great web site by brother Shabir Ally.

24-Jews for Allah.  This is a great site for the Jews who wish to convert to Islam.

25-Another great site for Answering Christianity.

Done by a 13 year old brother, may Allah Almighty bless him and always be pleased with him.

26-For New Muslims or people who want to know more about comparative religion.

27-Many Comparative Articles Here


29-What Do Muslims Think About Jesus?

30-Birth of Jesus in Gospels and Qur'an

31-Jesus as seen in Christianity and Islam

32-Another article on the birth of Jesus in Gospels and Qur'an

33-The Trinity A Muslim Perspective

34-According To The Christian Bible, Other Prophets Other Than Jesus Also Performed Miracles

35-The Term "SON OF GOD" In The Bible

36-That statement of Jesus

37-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) in the book of Moses

38-The Dispute about Paraclete

39-Ex-Ribbis witness from Isaiah


41-The Woman's Status in Christianity & Islam

42-Various Dawah Articles

43-Christian Traps for Muslims

44-Virgin Mary as seen in Christianity and Islam

45-Comprehensive Information On The Gospel Of Barnabas

46-What Did Jesus Say About Christmas

47-What Every Muslim Should Know About Christmas

48-Muslims and Christians working together.  Although this is a Christian site, but I feel that it is a good one that helps us to gain love with Christians and understand them better.

49-Crucifiction.   By Sheikh Ahmed Deedat.

50-The Bible, the Quran and Science.  Written by Dr Maurice Bucaille.  In his work, Dr. Baucille proves that the Quran correctly stated scientific facts unknown at the time of the Prophet - showing its divine origin!


More than 50 links To Great islamic Websites

Debate muslims in PalTalk

Debate muslims in PalTalk

If you are non muslim and Want Debate muslims by Voice From The Bible.

Just join Shiekh Wesam AbdAllah Room in paltalk

I be there in my free time from 10 pm in Egypt ..mybe you can catch me There.

الرد والأتصال بقساوسة مصر وهروب معظمهم من مناظرة الأخ وسام عبد الله

oJJl Muslim Christian Dialogue oJJl

الشيخ وسام يسحق القمص بسيط مقتطفات من المناظرة


لمشاهدة المناظرة كاملة على جزئين ... مدة المناظرة 6 ساعات
للذهاب لغرفة الداعية وسام عبد الله على البالتوك

كوميديا الإتصالات القس فيلبس مليكه شنوده-وسؤال عن ألوهية يسوع من الكتاب المقدس


قم بتحميل مزيد من المناظرات من موقع الحوار الأسلامى المسيحى من الرابط